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At Magnimus we are leveraging the power of immersive technologies like VR, MR, AR and our expertise in game development to craft cutting edge applications across domains like tourism, sales & marketing, fitness and ofcourse gaming. We infuse interactivity and gamification in everything that we do so that the user experience nothing but Pure Delight.

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Our team is skilled in state-of-the-art of all the domains of immersive technologies i.e. VR, AR and MR.
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of Platforms
We are building solutions compatible with a range of platforms, from the most common to the most exclusive.
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at the core
We are deploying immersive technologies not just as cheap noveilties but as powerful tools to solve important use cases.

Vital Knights (Meta Quest)

Coming soon

Vital Knights is the first of its kind mixed reality fitness game for Meta Quest that is currently under development
at Magnimus. Vital Knights will offer a captivating gameplay in a touching fantasy setting with unique motion controls. The variety of workouts included along with rich MR interactions makes this game something to watch out for. Watch the adjoining trailer of Vital Knights that was created by our team.

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Vihaar is the first of its kind AR based application for an immersive tourism experience.
The application boasts innovative use of AR technology including features like recreation of lost architecture
at ancient places of importance. It also comes with an AI based virtual tour guide, engaging audio-visual information, interactive games and other things. Users will be able to use the app on their phone when they are visiting the tourist spots.

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Alien Hunter (With JioTesseract)

Alien Hunter is a fitness-focused VR shooting game where you have to defend your base among a horde of alien invasion. Experience a new way to workout using the JioDive Headset with stunning visuals and gameplay. The game comes only with JioImmerse App.



Fitball is a smartphone based exergame that turns the human body into a game controller in real-time.
Fitball demands the user to perform vigorous physical activities as they play
immersive sports-based multiplayer games. It just utilises the smartphone camera for seamlessly motion tracking. This game is targeted towards kids and parents as a one stop solution for daily fitness. The app is live on the play store by the name Fitball.


Ultimate Home XR (Meta Quest)

Coming soon

Imagine having a shopping complex like experience at your home. Where you will be able to look, feel and interact
with different varieties of products before making a purchase decision. How about inviting friends online to decide what to buy,
just as if they are with you in the same room? At Magnimus, we are leveraging mixed reality technologies to make it possible to create immersive collaborative shopping experience. Choosing furniture for your dream living room? We got your back. Here is a concept showcasing our vision to bring different aspects of collaborative shopping together in interior design.

The Team

Abhinav Airan

Co-Founder & CEO, Magnimus


Ashish Sahani, PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer


Mohit Kumar

Co-Founder & Chief Game Officer


P Arun Kumar

Technical Lead (Backend and Gaming)


Ravi Chaudhary

Associate Unity Developer


Joseph K Raphael

Lead 3D Artist


Ayesha Firdous

Lead 2D & 3D Concept Artist


Venkatesh Sirigineedi

Associate Frontend Developer


Aayush Gupta

Unity Game Developer


Kishore M

Unity Game Developer


Nakul Wankhade

Blender Artist

Get in Touch
We are always looking for people skilled in Unity, Blender, Front-end Web development, Back-end Web development, AI and App development. To inquire for internship opportunities, please drop a mail. Attach your resume along with a note on your skills and interests.
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